2019 Deployable Communications Technology Forum

The premier educational engagement advancing edge solutions for today’s warfighter


The 5th Annual Deployable Communications Technology Forum

Over half a decade ago, a small team of executive, expeditionary and tactical communications teams within the highest levels of the U.S. DoD assembled together with key industry technology companies for the first time to tackle common communications issues and challenges faced across the community. What was created, the annual Deployable Communications Technology Forum, emerged as an intimate educational engagement where delegates collaborate with one another and industry to develop solutions that address mission-critical communications needs. With an emphasis on distilling approaches to operational flexibility, security concerns and enhanced networking capability, across the full spectrum of deployment platforms and operational environments – including “denied” communications situations, the forum is unique conduit for top communications organizations within the DoD to meet with similar teams outside of their respective offices to collaborate on common issues faced and generate solutions that directly impact their department’s mission success.

This year, government and industry delegates will gather again, working to empower the warfighter with concerted attention on how the connected battlefield works in action.

The agenda for this four-day event will include distinguished keynote speakers, working groups, preparatory certification training opportunities, panels and breakout sessions that will enable delegates to focus on goals pertinent to their respective organizations.

The forum is hosted and organized by Catai.solutions, an independent 501c3/c4 tax-exempt non-profit advancing edge and IoT solutions, with support from over a dozen diverse commercial partners active in U.S. readiness and defense.

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The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
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Monday to Thursday
April 15 to 18, 2019

2019 Keynote Speaker: Ash Carter

This year’s keynote speaker is Ash Carter, who served as the 25th Secretary of Defense from 2015 to 2017. Leading the largest organization in the world with more than three million civilian and military employees and an annual budget of more than half a trillion dollars, Carter became known for his savvy leadership and for ensuring the Pentagon thought “outside its five-sided box.”

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Closing the Gap

The forum will work to close the communications gap between government and industry by validating and documenting needs, capability and CONOPS from the user and operator perspective alongside the engineers from industry designing and integrating these communications systems.

This is accomplished with open, non-classified discussions and feedback on the performance of existing systems and by identify gaps the systems have while addressing the technical and security issues often overlooked or misunderstood.

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What to expect

“Simply put, this event, more than any other I’ve attended, provides an unmatched opportunity for robust discussion, real collaboration, and active learning.” LTG. John Mulholland, (Ret.) USA Former Deputy Commander of the United States Special Operations Command & Associate Director of the CIA Advisor to the Klas Telecom Government Board of Directors. 

Readiness Demands Preparedness

As stated in the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and emphasized in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), “increasingly complex security environments are defined by rapid technological change, (with) challenges from adversaries in every operating domain.” In this environment, “there can be no complacency.” (The National Defense Strategy 2018)

By using edge computing and deployable platforms, we’ve learned the military is better able to understand how to collect, store and correlate data to make military actions safer and “connect the battlefield,” capable of gathering and transmitting data from many sources back to analytics and command centers. Moreover, preliminary analysis of low size, weight and power (SWaP) edge use-cases within the defense and security community shows sizable cost-savings, greater mobility, and improved cyber-security and capacity. In order to maximize these approaches, continued training, professional feedback and development is critical. It’s why they are emphasized as part of this event.

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